The Paris Agreement: Take Action and Unite for Climate Action!

Are you still in?

Last week Donald Trump announced that he would pull the United States out of the Paris Agreement, but that will not stop the United States or the rest of the world from taking on climate change! Here are a couple facts you should know.

1) 70% of Americans Support the Paris Agreement
2) More than 1000 US companies and 200 US cities have committed to upholding the Paris Agreement

3) The US can get to its pledge with or without the federal government. The Nationally Determined Contribution for the US was to reduce emissions 26-28% below 2005 levels (when emissions were at their peak in the US) by 2025.
4) Even though Tump “pulled out,” countries are not allowed to leave until after 3 years after they signed the agreement. At that point they have to formally submit a request to leave the agreement, which takes a year. The elections for 2020 is scheduled for November 3rd, and the earliest that the US can exit is November 8th.

Now more than ever we need you to change the course of history, and to put us back on track. 

What can you do now? Get Involved!

1) Join the National Day of Action June 10th in your community, or organize an action to show your support for the Paris Agreement and more!
2) If you are an experienced organizer help Care About Climate support folks working on projects in their own communities by becoming a Climate Ambassador mentor. Email to learn more.
3) Become a Climate Ambassador to start a project in your community and to get help with your project.
4) Use the #climatesign to show your support for climate action everyday.
5) Get involved in local campaigns and support candidates that support climate action.
6) Participate in the World Environment Day Microadventures photo contest to show support for climate action! You can win a GoPro!

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