Moving Beyond The Elections

Today a great wave of uncertainty and emotion has washed over the environmental movement reverberating through the global community.  Nowhere can this be more readily seen than at the UN climate talks where the world has amassed to discuss the implementation of the Paris Agreement.  Today, we must all give ourselves a chance to breath – take a walk, hug a friend, talk about it, and again take a deep breath and breath.  Because tomorrow, the work continues on.  Now more than ever we NEED to come together, build STRONGER connections, and CHANGE the conversation about climate change.  Care About Climate was formed to do exactly this, to give the world a universal climate sign and image to foster conversations across all walks of life, mindsets, and transcending all borders.  This is not the end.  This is a call to action, a call that we hope everyone in the climate movement will heed.  But for today, breath.

Nick Jones                                             Natalie Lucas

Chair, Care About Climate                 CEO, Care About Climate


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