About us: Our Mission & Vision

We believe by connecting people and working together anything can be achieved. Tackling climate change and working to support our human and natural community while it is happening will be the greatest challenge that we have ever faced, but we can do it together.


Care About Climate works to minimize human contributions to climate change and connect communities by uniting people across the world with the Climate Sign to inspire proactive climate policies, fostering programs that build stronger communities that are better equipped to withstand and recover from climate stressors, and providing education and outreach programs about climate change


A world in which everyone is educated, empowered, engaged and united to address climate change.

How Can You Help?

Use the Climate Sign
Unite your community for climate action using the Climate Sign. Click here to learn more.
Become a Climate Ambassador
Engage your local community, and work on climate action projects! Click here to learn more.
Get Involved with a Care About Climate Campaign
We are always looking for new opportunities to grow the movement, and to get people to care about climate. Click here to learn more.
Become a Member
Members of Care About Climate will get special updates, and will have the opportunity to elect and run for board positions on the Board of Directors. Click here to learn more.








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