Press Release: How We Move Forward with Trump at the UN Climate Negotiations


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How We Move Forward with Trump at the UN Climate Negotiations

Marrakesh, Morocco-  The air is buzzing with questions about what a Trump Presidency will mean for addressing climate change, and how it will affect the Paris Agreement, which is the international agreement that was created last year to significantly reduce greenhouse gas production. Although the tone is somber, delegates are moving the process forward with hope.


According to Alden Meyer, the Director of Strategy and Policy for the Union of Concerned Scientists, “Inaction has its consequences, and the US not addressing climate change will not be acceptable to other countries.” Meyer continues by stating that climate change is of geopolitical importance, and if Trump does not honor the Paris Agreement than he may not get help in other areas such as terrorism or trade.

It is clear that climate change will not be a top priority for the Trump administration, but nongovernmental organizations are confident that they can build coalitions with Republican partners to move forward on the Paris Agreement through renewable energy projects and protecting climate finance.

What does this mean for the climate movement?

“Now more than ever we need to mobilize, work locally, and show we are a united front. Americans care about climate change, and we celebrated the Paris Agreement. It is up to us to implement it through renewable energy projects, public transit initiatives, and rethinking agriculture,” says Natalie Lucas, CEO of Care About Climate. She continues, “people will solve this problem because we are innovative and passionate, but we must work together.”

Nick Jones, Chair of the Board for Care About Climate, states, “Today we need to take a deep breath and try to reconcile our emotional reactions because tomorrow the work continues spurring on climate action.”

This is the third day of the UN Climate negotiations in Marrakech of a two week conference. People from around the world are ready to act on climate now, and are in solidarity with climate organizers in the United States.  



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