The Climate Ambassador Program

What is a Climate Ambassador?

Individuals throughout the world can sign up to become a Climate Ambassador. Ambassadors will work as volunteers in their communities to educate the public on climate change, encourage climate friendly actions, and serve as a bridge between the public and Care About Climate.

What Will You Do As An Ambassador?

Ambassadors will create projects and programs based on the needs of their community. We ask that ambassadors dedicate 5 hours a week to their work as a Care About Climate volunteer. Ambassadors can host educational programs, make improvements in their community to limit greenhouse gases or adapt to climate change, and work to change climate policy locally. We encourage ambassadors to work with groups already established in the community to work on projects in order to create a support system to make ideas happen. Care About Climate staff will work to provide resources to ambassadors to support local action.

As an Ambassador we will ask you to track the interactions you have with community members, and tell us the stories of your successes for our blogs. We will give you 1-5 free tee shirts for your group and Climate Sign Stickers. Again, those working with groups already will be given priority to participate in the Climate Ambassador program.

Examples of Current Climate Ambassador Efforts:
  • University of California Los Angeles Carbon Neutrality Initiative- Students are working to make UCLA adopt policies that would commit the university to carbon neutrality.
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  • #Act4Climate Nigeria- Community members in Lagos are working to educate youth about climate change, and create discussions about what can be done about it locally in Nigeria.
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  • Beach Clean Ups in Peru- Youth in Peru organized beach clean ups to bring awareness to environmental and climate issues including sea level rise.
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Who Can Be An Ambassador?

Individuals of any age, location, or occupation can become a Climate Ambassador. Whether you are a student or a manager of a business, you can become the voice for the climate as an ambassador. Individuals under the age of 18 will require parental consent. You can focus your work as an ambassador at a school, institution, or organization that you are a part of, or your community as a whole.

When you become an ambassador, you will receive the following:
An introduction meeting (Virtual or in-person) with a Care About Climate team member.
An action toolkit guiding you through the process of being a Climate Ambassador.
A Climate Sign Package with Climate Sign stickers.

Access to continual support from the Care About Climate core team.


How Can I Become a Climate Ambassador?

You can begin the process of becoming a Climate Ambassador by filling out the form to the right. After completing and submitting the form, a Care About Climate team member will contact you shortly after. From there, we will help personally guide you through the process.


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